Pinterest, seriously what did I do in life before you?!

Seriously?! It’s the most helpful tool ever invited, whether your sick, hungry, need clothes, gift ideas, working on a project, etc. Just amazing.

For me it’s very helpful, I’m all about making my own thing stuff. Whether it’s food, cleaning supplies or just other random stuff. I no longer buy lots of products at the store, like: pizza dough, almond butter, air fresheners, shower cleaner, etc. They’re seriously is a recipe for everything & you save so much money.

I work as a Web Designer & Developer and there are so many different code snippets and designs out there. I love sharing them on Pinterest & no matter if I’m at work or at home I can access them.

Another thing is I’m having a baby, I’ve never had one before, so I’ve read so many different natural pain relievers for when pregnant, what to have done at the hospital and not, random things you’d seriously never know.

It’s also amazing for food. I no longer have to go on a man hunt for what to make. We make all of our meals from scratch, well 90% of the time, we cheat sometimes. So to find great recipes and not to have to buy a ton of cookbooks I turn to Pinterest. The great thing people usually leave comments so you can see what they have said about the dish.

So if you don’t have Pinterest you should get one, you’re missing out. Then check me out, I have all kinds of boards,

Happy Pinning.