Why isn’t proper hygiene high on everyone’s daily routine. Washing hands, brushing teeth or you know taking a shower?!

Showering it only takes a couple minutes, once or twice a day. Why is it so hard for people to do it? Jump in throw some soap in your hair and on your body and then done get out. You smell good, you are no longer oily and your hair doesn’t look weird. You can’t say that soap is expensive either!! First off a lot of companies give soaps out for free, so just sign up for some free soap. Secondly if you are poor go to your local shelter or food bank, they all give out free soap. Thirdly you can buy a pack of three bars of soap at Walmart for 93¢ & dollar stores sell bar soap for $1. Also, bar soap can last a couple of months even if you use it everyday. Same thing with shampoo, a giant bottle at dollar stores or Walmart you can find for under a dollar. Price is no excuse for being nasty and not showering.

Hand washing, since when has it been acceptable to use the restroom and then just leave without at least running some water on your hands?! Every public place has free soap, so it’s not like price is a factor. Hand sanitizer, so many companies now give it out for free to market themselves, so don’t tell me that you don’t have the option of carrying some with you. No it is not okay for you to sneeze all over your hands and then just go about your business, go wash your hands or hand sanitize. Completely uncalled for!! I always want to walk up to people who sneeze and just hand them a cheap bottle. This is why people are always sick, cold sores, it’s just so nasty.

Brushing your teeth, seriously come on a tooth brush is less then 50¢ and the same with toothpaste, it’s so cheap. Also, if you go to the dentist they always give you that stuff for free. When I go to my dentist, Draper Smiles, I receive chapstick, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, all to hold me over until the next time I come. There are tons of free to discounted dentist clinics out there to keep you going. When I was in college and had no insurance I had the option of going to a clinic where I could get my teeth cleaned for about $50, which I could make on payments. They also gave out free toothbrushes and toothpaste. You are to brush your teeth twice a day, for about three minutes, barley any time!! Most people just stand in the shower and brush their teeth, kill two birds with one stone. Also, mints they are free, find some if you are to lazy to brush your teeth.

While in college at the Art Institute of York – PA I never understood why people who lived on campus never showered or took care of themselves. We had running water, a standup shower downstairs and a full bathroom upstairs, in our CONDO. No we didn’t have to go share with the whole school. Also, just about every college out there gives out free soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, laundry soap, etc to those students who are in need. So if you are in college that is also no excuses either.

Wash your laundry!! Just throw some water on it, spary it with some Febreze!! Clothes hold smells, so if you perspire or get something on your clothes it will hold that smell!! So no it’s not okay to wear the same clothes five days in a row. Throw your clothes in some water and let it sit, if you can’t buy soap fine, at least wash it buy hand with some water!!

So no time is no excuse and neither is money!! There are always people out there who are willing to help those who are in need, can’t buy soap or a toothbrush. Hygiene keeps us healthy, so take care of yourself!! I’m sick of people breathing on me or being in my area and they smell REALLY bad, you are an adult take care of yourself!!