One of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded to my iPhone!

With two people in the house who have horrible handwriting & the memory of a peanut she’ll it’s really hard to make grocery lists. Then we’d make them & probably forget them anyway.

Creating notes on our phone is a pain because our phones aren’t synced together. Also, we both have different phones, James has an android & I have an iPhone. So also finding an app that works for both of us is even more of a pain!!!

Awhile ago while I was in college, before we were even together I came across an amazing app called Grocery IQ. It was such a lifesaver!! It already has a ton of items in the database, so you really don’t need to add much. On top of that you can make different lists for different stores. For us we shop at Whole Foods, SAMs Club & our local Harmon’s grocery store, so it can be a real pain.

One of my favorite features is the coupons! Add an item and sometimes it tells you if has a coupon for that item or of the same category!

The two best features that fit us are that we both can be logged in and add items to the list & we both get notifications. So if we are at work or at home we both can add items. Then if I’m at work, where I can’t be on my phone, I can login to their website and also add items.

An app that is actually useful & doesn’t have 20 steps.

Check out or download the app on Google Play or the App Store.